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Helen Falls Lodge

Welcome to our Helen Falls Lodge site. We are proud to present our unparalleled service and experience offer north of the 58th parallel, which is aimed at any amateur wishing to discover the charms of the magnificent arctic territory of Quebec.

Our vision and goals are clear, to create a unique experience, the trip of a lifetime! Where salmon fishing is taken seriously, and where arctic char, sea trout, speckled trout and lake trout are in abundance. Go on a helicopter safari expedition and visit the Nunavik and Labrador national parks where nature remains untouched. Take a helicopter tour and visit some of the most remote rivers and lakes on the planet. In the same day, you can observe herds of wild Muskox roaming the tundra, icebergs, breathtaking waterfalls and fjords. The Arctic Tundra is a true hiker’s paradise and where the true wildlife photographer can capture the majestic polar bear fishing for chars. At the end of this exhilarating day, our guests will be able to relax in the spa and have a cocktail in the lounge before retiring to the dining room where a gourmet meal of the land will await them.

We are very excited to receive you comfortably in our facilities by an experienced and committed team and we are confident that this will only enhance your experience. We are very proud of the reputation Ungava Adventures has built over the many years. Our mission is to provide our customers with an unparalleled, superior level of personalized service that will exceed your highest expectations for an experience of a lifetime.


Karl Mongrain

Helen Falls Lodge chief operator






While we are located 900 miles or 1450 kilometers North of Montreal travelling to our lodge is simple, quick and civilized. We will fly you in from Montreal and have you fishing after a maximum of 3 hours of flight time.

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Fly fishing

The George River is counted among the ten best Atlantic Salmon rivers in the world. The cold temperatures of the Ungava Bay combined with a long, turbulent and boulder infested water course produces a salmon that is considered by many to be one of strongest among the Atlantic salmon populations of the World. The average George River salmon weighs between 10 and 14 pounds, though fish up to 38 pounds have been caught.

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This may be the subarctic, but we don’t think it should be an exercise in endurance. We want you to be well rested for the fishing. Each private cabin accommodates two anglers with plenty of space for your gear. The cabins come equipped with thermostat controlled heated stoves, indoor plumbing and showers with plenty of hot water.

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“In the world of Atlantic Salmon, the George River is a coveted destination and Helen Falls is the most glorious stretch of Wilderness River you could ever hope to wade.”

Ken Bailey “Confession of a George River Junkie” Outdoor Canada Magazine


First discovered by Inuit populations, Helen Falls’ potential was first fully acknowledged and exploited in the 50s’. Since its early years, the camp has seen many changes. Now managed by the Annanack and Cantafio families, the lodge boosts permanent facilities including new guest cabins, dinning and kitchen area and a private airstrip. The lodge under permit # 10-501 represents the first outfitting permit ever issued in Northern Quebec. It continues to represent one of the very best fishing lodges in Nunavik, has won numerous awards of excellence and continues to draw salmon anglers Worldwide looking for the challenge that only the salmon of the George River can provide. Located only 35 miles from the Ungava Bay, the fish are fresh and sea-bright; so much so that many still carry sea-lice indicating that they’ve been in fresh water for less than 24 hours.


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Le Canada offre une qualité de pêche au saumon atlantique égale à celle de la Russie dans la baie d’Ungava au Québec, là où des rivières telles que la George offrent solitude, nature vierge et pêche au saumon phénoménale.


Mark Anthony Krupa “Ungava’s George River” The Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine