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Imagine yourself waking up after a good night’s sleep to the light of the subarctic morning flooding through the window of your comfortable cabin, the heating stove giving off just enough warmth to take the chill out of the air. Outside, you hear the sounds of the guides preparing for the day’s outing in the tundra barrens, while from the kitchen comes the warm scent of coffee brewing. You lie back, daydreaming about the salmon you caught and the ones that got away the day before and then, in anticipation of the day’s fishing, you bound out of bed, eager to get going.

The accommodations at Helen Falls Lodge are very comfortable. Each private cabin accommodates two anglers with plenty of space for your gear. The cabins come equipped with thermostat controlled heated stoves, indoors plumbing and showers with plenty of hot water. A fully screened front porch offers additional space to store waders and gear as well as offering an ideal location to sit and enjoy the scenery after a great day of fishing. This may be the subarctic, but we don’t think it should be an exercise in endurance. We want you to be well rested for the fishing.


The George River is counted among the ten best Atlantic salmon rivers in the world and Helen Falls Lodge is considered as one of the world’s three top salmon fishing sites. Born in the White Gull wilderness of Labrador, the George tumbles northward, gathering strength even as it flows past the tundra ridges of Quebec’s Ungava Plateau to empty into the ice dotted expanse of Ungava Bay.

The Helen Falls Lodge is located 35 miles upriver from the salt-water bay and strategically positioned to offer its guests exclusive access to the only obstruction of consequence on the river – a three-mile long stretch of rapids and chutes known as Helen Falls. The area counts sixteen identified pools, countless smaller lying in between, and plenty of water for the exploring angler looking to discover new spots and new challenges.

Getting to
Helen Falls Lodge

While located 900 miles or 1450 kilometers North of Montreal, travelling to our lodge is as follows. A return flight from Montreal P.E.T. Airport to Kuujjuaq will be coordinated by Ungava Adventures on your behalf and this cost is the clients obligation. Once arriving in  Kuujjuaq, included in your package, is the chartered return flight, to and from the lodge, which is a short 45 minute scenic flight.

“Helen Falls is so close to the salt that most, if not all, the fish arrive fresh, bright, and ready to hit a fly.”

Mark Anthony Krupa
“Ungave George River”
The Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine

Atlantic Salmon

The average George River salmon weighs between 10 and 14 pounds, though fish up to 38 pounds have been caught. Grilse weighing four to six pounds are relatively few, making up only about 15% of the total run. The cold temperatures of the Ungava Bay combined with a long, turbulent and boulder infested George River produces a salmon that is considered by many to be one of strongest among the Atlantic salmon populations of the World.

Artic Char

Though less common on the George than the glamorous Atlantic salmon, the Arctic char is also present in the George River. Fresh from the salty estuary waters, these fish are sleek, powerful and silver flanked like their salmonid companions; as August fades into September they gradually turn orange and then magenta. Whatever their coloration, these char hit savagely at flies and literally peel line from your reel on that exciting initial run. The Ford River that flows into the George offers great char fishing opportunities to our guests and is easily accessible by boat, being located in close proximity to the lodge.

Lake Trout and Brook Trout

In addition to the salmon and char, the George River also hosts a fair population of lake trout and brook trout, which are generally located below camp in the larger pools and back eddies.

“Canadians are fortunate to have access to some of the best salmon fishing in the world. And the George River-wild, remote, pristine-is among the best of the best.”

Mark Anthony Krupa “Ungava’s George River” The Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine

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Le Canada offre une qualité de pêche au saumon atlantique égale à celle de la Russie dans la baie d’Ungava au Québec, là où des rivières telles que la George offrent solitude, nature vierge et pêche au saumon phénoménale.


Mark Anthony Krupa “Ungava’s George River” The Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine