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Fishing equipment

Atlantic Salmon

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Fishing Atlantic salmon on the George river means dealing with aggressive fish, fast-flowing waters and wind that can be quite heavy at some times. Heavier rods will assure better control of salmon in the heavy waters of the falls and easier casts in the wind. Most of our pools are easily reached from shore without wading; the exception being 3 pools (out of 10) on the West side of the river and 2 pools (out of 6) on the East side. For those who wish to wade the river, we recommend the use of comfortable light waders, felt soled wading shoes, and a wading staff.

For the angling of Atlantic salmon on the George River, we recommend

  • 9 to 10 foot #9 or #10 fly rod;
  • Floating heavy tapered head or saltwater taper fly line;
  • 150 to 250 yards of 20 pound test backing;
  • 10 to 18 pounds leader.

*Guests should have an additional rod and a couple of extra spare lines on their equipment list.

Fly patterns

Dark fly patterns are the general norm on the George but colored patterns can also provoke great action on those off days when nothing seems to work except for a change of color. The most popular wet flies used in sizes 4/6/8 (single hooks) and 6/8/10 (double hooks) :

  • The Black Bear Green Butt;
  • The Green Cross;
  • The George;
  • The Green Machine;
  • Buck Bugs;
  • Harry Marry;
  • Black Muddler;

* Dry fly fishing can be very productive at times in particular pools. Rat Faced McDougall, Clipped deer hair bodied flies are the most popular in sizes 2/4/6 such as dark colored Bombers, such as dark colored Bombers and Irresistible.

The Riffling Hitch

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While traditional fishing with a wet or dry fly works just as well on our salmon, the majority of our regular guests fish with a hitched fly. By double hitching the head of the fly we can produce a hydroplane effect, which makes the fly ride on the surface leaving a trailing “V” wake. The great advantage of fishing with a hitched fly is that you can follow it in the fast water because of the wake it leaves. It provides a great method of locating salmon and produces spectacular takes. All of our guides are familiar with the hitch and will gladly introduce new comers to an exciting way of fishing salmon.

Artic Char

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To fish for Arctic Char we recommend a 9 to 10 foot fly rod loaded with a #9 fly line. Fly fishermen must be equipped with both full and intermediate sinking lines since the fly must be presented to the fish at a depth of anywhere from 1′ to 3′ of fast moving water.

Fly Patterns


  • Egg patterns such as Glo Eggs, Alevins in sizes 8 to 12.
  • Hot Buggers, Bead heads, Zonkers in sizes 2 to 8.
  • Traditional saltwater patterns for Bonefish such as weighted Crazy Charlies in pink and pearl, shrimp patterns and Puff Heads in sizes 4 to 8.

Spin Fishing

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Fly-fishing is the only mean of fishing permitted on the George River for all species after August 15th. We recommend medium action rods and reels loaded with 10 to 12 pound test monofilament. The most popular lures for char are the Nebco Pixie (hot pink or orange color) in ½ oz. size as well as bright colored Vibrax spinners in sizes # 3 and # 4. Other popular lures such as Little Cleo’s, Daredevils, and Wobblers in ½ oz. size will take fish.

The recommended fly-fishing equipment as well as the flies mentioned above for the char would work perfectly for brook trout and lake trout. You might wish to add lighter leaders and a few smaller flies in sizes # 8, 10 and 12 for the brook trout.

Personal gear

The weather in the Ungava region can be changeable and we suggest clients come prepared for sunshine, rain or drizzle. August conditions are generally stable but it is always a good idea to expect all eventualities. Daytime temperatures will average from about 75 degrees (Fahrenheit) sometimes down to 40 degrees in the evening. It must be remembered that the predominant winds are generally 10 to 15 knots from the northwest directly from the Ungava Bay and the cold Arctic. Coming prepared with the proper clothing and equipment is an essential ingredient for a successful trip and the layering concept works best here

What to pack

  • Long and short sleeved shirts
  • Sufficient undergarments and socks for duration of trip
  • Relaxed clothing and shoes for in camp use
  • Good quality breathable short rain jacket
  • Fleece and/or sweaters to wear under rain jackets or vests
  • Heavier jacket for late Augusts and September trips
  • Good quality breathable waders
  • Felt soled wading boots (no studded soles)
  • Wading staff


  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Camera Bug spray
  • Sunscreen Small flashlight
  • Day back to carry your equipment
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Your favorite fishing hat

*Should you have any concerns or questions on the following, please do not hesitate to contact us.


“Canada has Salmon fishing on a virtual par with that of Russia in Quebec’s Ungava Bay, where rivers such as the George offer solitude, pristine wilderness, and phenomenal Salmon fishing.”

Mark Anthony Krupa “Ungava’s George River” The Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine

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Le Canada offre une qualité de pêche au saumon atlantique égale à celle de la Russie dans la baie d’Ungava au Québec, là où des rivières telles que la George offrent solitude, nature vierge et pêche au saumon phénoménale.


Mark Anthony Krupa “Ungava’s George River” The Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine